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The Founding Of Sea Of Strengths Academy

We are educators who have worked with students in grades K-12. Through our work in public and charter schools, we have discovered that many bright students with learning disabilities were often not successful in school. Despite their best efforts, these students lacked the essential reading, math, and writing skills necessary to achieve their full potential.

Through research, classes, and training, we discovered that these students can achieve. The answer lies in proper assessment, research-backed academic interventions, and instructional intensity. In other words, delivering the right program for the student, at the proper level of intensity and using multi-sensory teaching approaches.

Based on experiences in the classroom, it was clear that students often did not get what they needed to succeed. Large classroom sizes and inflated caseloads for special education teachers and other professionals (Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and School Psychologists) were several of the factors that impeded student success.

This led to the founding of The Reading Station in June 2006. The goal of The Reading Station was to provide students with after school tutoring to build their academic skills. The focus was initially exclusively on reading, but has broadened to encompass math and writing skills as well.

The Reading Station has produced a number of success stories. As students gained academic skills, they also gained confidence and self-esteem. Students began to see themselves as successful, and able to achieve in school.

For many students, however, school remained a challenge. Even though their skills increased, their classmates did not stand still and wait for them to catch up. For these students, school continued to be a place of frustration and struggle. Several hours a week of tutoring was not enough to replace 30 hours a week at school. Based on these students, and the pleas of concerned parents, The Reading Station decided to develop a full day school program: The Sea Of Strengths Academy.
– John Hettler and Susan Stevens, Co-Founders of Sea Of Strengths Academy